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I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Angie Walters and the GPP CFO Advisory group. They are engaged in my company and very involved in helping me better understand our businesses and identifying operational strengths. Their knowledge, experience and expertise provide intuitive insight for present and future business planning. I find GPP to be professional, responsive, helpful and easy to work with. I am very happy working with the GPP CFO Advisory group and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Michelle Rogers North Texas Dermatology

Working with Angie and GPP has been amazing. I no longer worry about the status of our books. She is efficient and smart. Our business records are back on track because of her. I can focus on growing my business now without the stress of accounting!

Jacqueline Tinker Dental Compliance Specialists, LLC

I just wanted to take a brief moment to say thank you for all you have done and continue to do to assist me through the recent IRS audit and appeals experience. I know we’re not done just yet but it appears we have made it through the difficult part of the process with positive results. Hopefully, we will know the final outcome soon.

Sidney, it gives a client like me a sense of peace knowing you are in charge and guiding me through the extremely stressful process. I am impressed with your knowledge of the system and how it all works. There is no doubt; “This wasn’t your first rodeo.” Also, I was further comforted when I learned that most everyone at the Federal Building knows you and respects you. It’s great to have my CPA known and respected at the IRS office; especially when he’s the one by my side while meeting face to face with an appeals officer.

Rick Lahr has been extremely helpful in the process as well. He has given me reassurances on several occasions and clearly explained the process to me many times. It’s always a privilege to work with Rick.

Also, thank you for working with me as I continue to pay-down my bill and invoices. I appreciate your patience and all you do. Once again thank you.

A Sidney Goldin Client Since 1985

For the past 10 years you have helped us at every turn to deal with the IRS.  As a former IRS employee, you knew the system and how to use it to protect us.  For many years, you were able to defer action by the IRS.  You knew personally the Dallas IRS agent who was assigned to us, and you were able to reason with him.  Then, you were able to negotiate a one-year temporary repayment arrangement on favorable terms to buy us more time.  Your various actions got us through over 9 years of doing what had to be done to keep our house.

Last Monday, after a year of silence, the IRS came at us with over 15 letters and put a levy on my employer as well as my bank, effective in five days.  With just a 72-hour turnaround, you took our initial 433-A form for a settlement offer and, working after hours with my wife, got the offer into the hands of a more senior IRS officer with whom you were again personally familiar and on good terms.  The next day, 24 hours before they were set to take my paycheck, you had a release of levy from the IRS faxed to the desk of my employer and I was able to receive my paycheck. In addition, you were able to submit an offer of settlement that he agreed to send on to the regional IRS office for consideration.

We are aware that ours is a very difficult and complex case.  While being blunt and sometimes brutally honest about the depth of our difficulties, you have nonetheless maintained an air of optimism and positivity about what is inherently a very negative experience for us.  Thank you for all your hard work; I will be happy to talk to any prospective clients if they have questions about your ability to help.

A Goldin Peiser & Peiser, LLP Client Since 2008

In partnering with GPP for over 20 years, they have never disappointed. Their timely response and ability to explain things in a language I can understand, have been one of the best aspects of working with the firm. The team is knowledgeable, accurate and trustworthy. They understand my business and are able to adapt their service to the needs of my business to help it succeed. They have not only been a big part of my business success, but they have also taken great care of my family’s financial needs as well. They have been a phenomenal firm to work with over the years.

Dr. Russell Silverstein

GPP takes a very personal touch in their engagement approach. Working with them for over 15 years, they have a high level of knowledge, professionalism and understanding. They take an interest in our business and help us to be forward thinking in our planning and processes. They provide the services we need and have helped build a good support system of other professionals to help our business grow. When most firms are just there through the good times, GPP is there being a voice of reason and encourage through the hard times.

Tommy Dodd

We have worked with GPP for over two years. In that time they have been absolutely wonderful. They are responsive and knowledgeable and always available to answer our questions. Their consulting services have been extremely helpful with the recent sale of the company. I would highly recommend GPP to any business looking for a strong partnership with a knowledgeable, friendly and responsive firm.

Wendy Wilbanks

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