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March 08 2018
How the Failure to Define the Term “Tax Return” Turned Debt Relief on its Head

By Alexis Lyn Hailpern Beyond bankruptcy attorneys, most people aren’t aware of what actually can be discharged in bankruptcy. Perhaps because the topic of bankruptcy itself is taboo, and many of those who engage in discharging their debts are unnecessarily ashamed. That same unnecessary shame accompanies most debt relief mechanisms—including IRS debt resolution. People do

March 02 2018
The Future of Working from Home

Future employees might not need office space and scheduled hours, but instead work from home on their own time. This article explains why a third of the workforce will be working from home in the future, and the importance of putting a policy together for these employees. To view this article, click the following link

February 28 2018
Top 9 Cyber Scams Attacking Business Owners – An Infographic

Cyber Scams have become a daily occurrence for business owners.  Theft of digital information has become the most commonly reported fraud, surpassing physical theft. Customer and client information, payment information, personal files, bank account details – all of this information is often impossible to replace if lost and dangerous in the hands of criminals. Data

February 12 2018
The Impact of the New Tax Law on the Oil and Gas Industry

By Kyle Heyn A new tax law takes effect in 2018 that will result in significant changes across the board for both individuals and businesses. Oil and gas is one of the industries that can expect to experience substantial changes as a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). The tax law adjustments

February 01 2018
The Impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on High Net Worth Individuals

By Amber Gutschlag The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act contains historic changes to the United States tax code and will likely affect every taxpayer in some way.  These reforms may result in profound increases or decreases in the tax liability of high net worth individuals.  The following topics are just a sample of the changes that

February 06 2018
Seriously Delinquent Taxpayers May Lose Their Passports

by Zach Montgomery If you are planning on taking an international trip and have a seriously delinquent tax debt, you may need to contact your travel agent. As many tax reform changes from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act begin taking effect in January 2018, the IRS is also implementing a change this January. According

February 01 2018
How the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Impacts Real Estate Investments

By Zach Hefton The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) is complicated and in some ways still ambiguous. It’s no secret that Congress rushed through the bill before the end of 2017. As a result, there are many loopholes of which you may be able to take advantage.   If you own or invest in

January 26 2018
Interested in VC Funding? These 4 Statistics Tell You Exactly What You Need to Know

As an entrepreneur, if you are considering venture capital to fund your startup, be sure to study the state of your current market. In an article from Entrepreneur, author Jayson DeMers writes, “For the past several years, the total dollar amount of VC given to startups has increased significantly, with venture capitalists showing increasing interest

January 19 2018
Five Big Business Trends to Watch in 2018

As 2018 begins, business owners are paying close attention to the trends that will impact their businesses. In an article from Fortune, author Alan Murray discusses five trends that he will be watching: Recession watch AI Advances The tech backlash The CEO Statesman A changing workplace for women How will these five trends impact your

January 18 2018
GPP Presents at the Greater Dallas Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce

Tax professionals at the CPA advisory firm of Goldin Peiser & Peiser (GPP) participated on January 13, 2018, on a panel at the Greater Dallas Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce (GDTCC) 2018 Business Conference. Representing GPP were Ted Hong, CPA; Helen Chen, CPA; Jason Hong, CPA; and Ang Shen, CPA speaking on Overseas Bank Accounts and