Principles of Lean Office & Administration Presentation

January 17, 2019
16800 North Dallas Parkway, Suite 240, Dallas, Texas 75248
11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

What is Lean Office?

The concept of lean manufacturing is now being applied to other areas than just the shop floor.  Learn how to make your company’s office processes operate more efficiently by attending Lean Office and Administration one hour presentation.

Gain knowledge through this introduction presentation.  The presentation offers a participant learning’s of lean definitions and techniques.  They can then apply these principles to their office environment using the information they gained from the presentation.  By presentation’s end, each person will gain a practical understanding of how “lean” continuous improvement techniques can be applied to the office to eliminate waste, gain more capacity from existing operations, and enhance their company’s ability to compete.


If you are not currently using lean methodologies in your operations, this knowledge will identify techniques that will:

• Reduce paperwork process time up to 90%

• Improve on-time performance up to 90%

• Reduce work in process up to 90%

• Reduce errors up to 50%

• Reduce floor space by up to 75%

Who should attend?

The entire management and office team – from accounting, engineers, office managers, sales, purchasing agents, supervisors, human resources, support staff, and more – will benefit.

What industries?

This course was created to address all administration environments.  This includes healthcare, insurance, financial, governmental, industrial and service industries.

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