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Industries Overview

Dental, Manufacturing, Medical Industries, Dallas CPAsAt Goldin Peiser & Peiser, LLP, we’ve built our practice on industry focus.  For each specialized area, we’ve developed a team of dedicated professionals who speak your language and understand the unique accounting and tax issues relevant to your industry. As your strategic partner, we are able to create truly effective and customized solutions as we combine our industry experience and expertise with the in depth knowledge you have of your business.

GPP has knowledge and experience serving companies in the following industries:

The dental specialists at GPP do far more than prepare your taxes. We help you plan your tax strategy, finding ways for you to keep more of what you earn. We provide insight and advice on daily practice management issues. We work with you to identify opportunities and develop strategies that will increase your bottom line.

Manufacturing and Distribution
At GPP we specialize in assurance, tax and consulting services for manufacturing and distribution companies. We provide integrated solutions to maximize the potential of your business and have the capability to uncover inefficiencies in your operations. We also seek to reduce your tax burden, better positioning you to quickly respond to changes in the industry, fully utilize your resources, capitalize on opportunities, and ultimately strengthen your business.

Healthcare organizations manage a growing number of industry-specific issues each day, and at GPP we know how to address each of these items effectively and efficiently. We make sure our healthcare clients have the financial services they need so they can continue with patient-focused, day-to-day activities. We consult on all aspects of running your business with the goal of enhancing efficiencies and profitability. Further, we guarantee timely, affordable, quality services and useful, progressive guidance to help you keep your business competitive in the challenging world of healthcare services.

Oil & Gas
To remain competitive, today’s oil and gas companies require increased direction to guide you through the various facets of compliance and potential tax exposures. The professionals at GPP provide clients in the oil and gas sector with the knowledge and expertise to meet the shifting demands. We use our understanding of the financial and taxation issues affecting the industry to act as your advisor and business consultant.

Real Estate/Construction
To ensure you are maximizing the value of your assets, construction and real estate-related entities require highly sophisticated assurance, tax and financial advisory services. With a deep knowledge of the industry, our people are multi-disciplined, well-trained and efficient in compliance and consulting matters. This allows us to hit the ground running to provide you with the correct solutions for your real estate business.

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