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June 19 2017
The Oil Industry Is Turning to Renewables

The oil industry is going to need to invest in more renewable energy in the coming years. Because of the drop in oil prices over the past few years, oil giants have been forced to sell assets and delay plans to probe for new oil reservoirs. In an article from the Houston Chronicle, author Colin

June 12 2017
Climate Change Will Impact Energy Markets

With the United States pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, the energy, auto, oil and gas, and utility  industries will undoubtable be impacted. Big investors are now considering climate change as part of their research. In an article from US News, author Dan Kern writes, “Renewables have become competitive with traditional sources of energy,

June 05 2017
A Game-changer in the Oil and Gas Sector

A distributive ledger system called a blockchain could change the entire oil and gas industry. Built with the same technology that powers the Bitcoin, a blockchain “stores encrypted “blocks” of information across a network of connected, anonymous computers”, according to an article from Oil & Gas iQ. In this article, Tim Haidar discusses the possibility

May 30 2017
Transformation of Oil in the Digital Age

Processing power is making its way to the oil and gas industry. As the technology boom continues, oil and gas companies are relying on digital data rather than pen and paper. In an article from Oil & Gas iQ, Tim Haidar explains, “In the past decade the oil and gas industry has gone from the

May 23 2017
Oil and Gas Strengthening Economy, Growing GDP

The oil and gas production sector showed encouraging signs in the first quarter GDP report. According to an article from Real Clear Energy, the oil and gas sector accounted “For nearly 0.5% of the reported 0.7% GDP growth in the first quarter”. This growth can be attributed to the recent rise in oil prices, as

May 15 2017
Repeal of Obama-era Environmental Regulations Fails to Pass in U.S. Senate

On Wednesday, May 10th the U.S. Senate failed to pass a resolution to repeal Obama-era environmental controls that regulate methane emissions from drilling on public lands, writes Valerie Volcovici for Reuters. The failed resolution, proposed under the Congressional Review Act, would have revoked the environmental rule and prevented the introduction of any similar regulations. According

May 08 2017
Safety Study Analyzes the Numbers on Workplace Falls

A recent article published by Safety and Health Magazine details the findings of researchers who analyzed OSHA case investigations to determine the leading cause of death within the oil and gas extraction industry. Their findings were that fatal falls, which occur most often during rigging procedures or the insertion or removal of a drill pipe,

May 01 2017
Modern Technology and Cybercrime: What These Mean for the Oil & Gas Industry

Cybercrime is an ever-increasing threat in today’s world of modern technology. Data breaches have been reported in a variety of industries, and though U.S. oil and gas companies have yet to suffer from any major attacks, concerns are rising, writes Charles Cooper, for CSO Online. According to ExxonMobil, during an average month they encounter more

April 10 2017
How Tech Savvy is Your Company’s E&P Operation?

Located in Texas, the Permian Basin has been an example of the industry’s achievements in recent years. As exploration on both sides of the basin increases, many companies are employing technology to assist with keeping costs from growing. In an article for Rigzone titled “Key Construction Technologies Being Used in the Permian Basin,” Dustin Price

March 24 2017
Oil Companies Moving Forward With Wind?

According to a March article from Bloomberg, oil giants have been turning offshore drilling projects into wind farms. As demand for cleaner energy increases and some offshore operations are being spent of oil production, building wind turbines on top of the existing rig structures makes logical sense. This is particularly evident in the North Sea,