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March 24 2017
Oil Companies Moving Forward With Wind?

According to a March article from Bloomberg, oil giants have been turning offshore drilling projects into wind farms. As demand for cleaner energy increases and some offshore operations are being spent of oil production, building wind turbines on top of the existing rig structures makes logical sense. This is particularly evident in the North Sea,

March 10 2017
BLM’s Planning 2.0 Repealed

The Senate has overturned the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Resource Management Planning Rule. This final rule, also known as Planning 2.0, was instituted in December 2016 by the Obama administration. The purpose of Planning 2.0 was to modernize the BLM’s current processes, in order to provide greater transparency and give the public more of

March 03 2017
What Students and Graduates Want in the Oil and Gas Industry

As the oil and gas industry starts to add jobs, employers wonder how to attract top talent. What matters most to students and new graduates? A survey from Rigzone provides some insight into their top priorities. Rigzone’s Ideal Employer Survey provides an in-depth look at the workforce trends shaping the oil and gas industry today.

February 24 2017
Oil and Gas Given Cyberattack Warning

At a recent Bloomberg LIVE conference in Houston, TX, Patrick J. Gouhin, Executive Director and CEO of the International Society of Automation (ISA) had a sobering call to action for the oil and gas industry. “Given the increasing number of cyberattacks on oil and gas facilities, the importance of these facilities to the economy and

February 18 2017
What New Regulations Mean

While the oil and gas industry is largely in favor of a new executive order from President Trump, there are new regulation that come with it. Oil and gas companies will have to familiarize themselves with these regulations accordingly. In a new article for Oil & Gas Journal, Washington editor Nick Snow reports on the

February 11 2017
Disclosure Rule Repealed

On the campaign trail, President Trump spoke of rolling back regulations. It turns out this is good news for the oil and gas industry. Congress has just repealed the disclosure rule for oil and gas companies. This rule was part of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Written by the Securities

February 03 2017
Can a Cost Segregation Study Benefit Your Business?

Could your oil and gas company benefit from a cost segregation study? In a new article from Accounting Today, authors Eric Gould and Matthew Jaimes address the topic of cost segregation, and how new tax laws are favorable. Gould and Jaimes explain that business owners who have constructed, acquired or remodeled their real estate assets

January 28 2017
Women in the Oil and Gas Industry

In a new article from Rigzone, author Valerie Jones looks at the role of women in the oil and gas industry. Jones examines data from an employee study, and interviews female executives in the industry. What employer attributes were ranked most important in the Rigzone study? Here are the top five: Manages business with integrity

January 21 2017
The “Silo Factor” and Process Safety Management

What is the “silo factor,” exactly? According to Conrad Ellison, “The silo factor occurs when departments/functions/groups within an organization don’t share information or knowledge with others in the same organization.” Ellison, who is interviewed in Downstream Today, is a process engineering and process safety expert. The silo factor can have a negative impact on businesses

January 14 2017
Hiring Increases Have Begun

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the number of U.S. workers employed in the oil and gas extraction industry has begun to increase, after hitting a five-year low in July. “Oil companies are starting to hire back workers as they add rigs to the shale patch in North America to take advantage of oil