Case Studies

Welcome to our Case Studies page. Here, you can read our firm’s latest case studies about successful tax, accounting and audit solutions for our clients.

Case Study – Ensuring Compliance and Establishing Payment Processes

A sole proprietor had gotten behind on his business taxes for five years. As a result, he owed substantial back taxes for that period.

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Case Study – Sharon Hess, CPA: Embezzlement

The bookkeeper of a construction services firm – and a Goldin Peiser & Peiser client – was using the company’s QuickBooks to print company checks to herself. This process reoccurred over a period of a year and a half and totaled nearly $70,000 in fraudulent activity.

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Case Study – Embezzlement

A Goldin Peiser & Peiser, LLP client, a B2B service business, owed several quarters of payroll taxes and one day, the IRS showed up at its door to address the matter. When asked, the business’ in-house bookkeeper claimed she had paid all taxes on time, then left to go to lunch and never returned.

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Case Study – Crisis Resolution

A midsize manufacturer with two principal owners appeared on solid footing. In reality, Owner B, with the aid of a bookkeeper, falsified the company’s financial statements. Upon learning of this, Owner A, a longtime Goldin Peiser & Peiser, LLP client, called Allan Peiser, CPA, for help.

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Case Study – M+A Transaction From Inception Through Close

The operations manager of a local business contacted Allan Peiser, CPA, to assist him with protecting his financial interests throughout the process of selling his business and helping him facilitate a financially attractive deal.

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Case Study – IRS Defense Services: Offer in Compromise

A couple who owned a large local business was audited by the IRS, which uncovered a large sum of unreported income. In this case, the couple did not possess the means to meet their full payment obligation.

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Case Study – IRS Defense Services

The IRS contacted a sports entertainment figure and demanded substantial back taxes. This person was previously unaware of this supposed obligation, and due to his financial standing at the time, he feared he would be unable to meet the required payment obligations.

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