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With strong leadership and abundant experience, we at GPP confidently advise our clients on how to improve and grow in their respective businesses. However, we do not do this alone. We work with you – getting to know your business by asking you the right questions that give us an inside look at your company. We dig deep, taking nothing at face-value, to understand what is most essential to making you successful.

We know that to grow your business you must look beyond the numbers. As your local Dallas accounting firm, we don’t just deal with internal controls and compliance procedures. We take a holistic approach, providing you with meaningful management and strategic information ultimately resulting in profit gain, business growth and asset protection. Our seasoned accountants are trained to search for overlooked trends and identify opportunities specific to your operations to provide valuable business insight in a manner that is understandable and practical to you, the business owner. Our professionals use accounting diagnostic tools, such as focused accounting and individually designed management reporting systems, to dig deep into the heart of your business to uncover information not readily apparent. The information we find is vital to enhancing the management of your company and preventing unanticipated problems.


  • General ledger and financial statement preparation and review
  • Accounting system design and set-up
  • Training for financial personnel
  • Bookkeeping (monthly/quarterly/annually)
  • Cash management and bank reconciliations

Management and Strategic Information

  • Customized financial reports
  • Review of specific areas of business activities
  • Analysis of non-financial information such as employees, sales volumes, customer transactions
  • Analysis of long-term trends
  • Forecasting
  • Specialized reports relating to long-term decisions

For more information about our accounting services, please contact Angie Walters at 214.635.2547.

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