R&D Tax Services

Does your business engage in activities that create, improve or modify products and processes through research or experimentation? If so, you may already be engaging in activities that could potentially reap thousands of dollars in tax savings through federal and state research and development (R&D) credit programs.

The Research and Experimentation tax credits were first implemented by the federal government in 1981 as a means to jump-start technological advances and create jobs in the U.S. Widely known as R&D tax credits, the program was made permanent in 2015.

R&D tax credits initially related to basic research expenses, such as those occurring in a laboratory setting. Yet today, federal and state R&D credits are available to businesses in industries across the commercial spectrum.

The R&D tax credit specialists at Goldin Peiser & Peiser can help your business identify potential activities that may qualify for federal and state R&D tax credits and assist in pursuing them by conducting a tax credit study. We understand the tax credit landscape; we have years of experience and success navigating the complex requirements surrounding tax credits of all varieties, including R&D tax credits; we work closely with businesses to understand the full scope of their activities; and we develop bulletproof, defensible tax credit studies that provide a roadmap for your business’ tax credit success.

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