State and Local Tax (SALT)

States needing to raise revenues have ramped up their audit activities, enacting new taxes, regulations and surcharges as a way of funding budget shortfalls. State and local tax (SALT) liabilities can have a strong effect on your business decisions and strategies.

If you are a business owner operating in multiple states, you may not be aware of the shifting tax policies and legislation that impact your tax obligations or your company’s “nexus” (a connection with a state that subjects you to its tax laws). These policies can leave you vulnerable to penalties and late fees or missed tax savings opportunities.

At Goldin Peiser & Peiser, LLP, our priority is to manage this vulnerability through proactive state tax planning that can help you leverage savings opportunities. If you face an audit anywhere in the nation, we take steps to mitigate your tax liability and, in most cases, act as your trusted agent, working directly with state officials. Our SALT Services professionals ask the necessary questions to gain a thorough understanding of your business, and then create a specific plan to meet your needs.

In making the complex assessment of your tax liabilities, we examine sales and use tax, income tax, franchise tax or other business taxes in one or multiple states in which you do business but are not physically located. We’ll make a thorough assessment to determine whether you have nexus before you begin operations across state lines, beginning with an extensive multistate nexus questionnaire.

Some items our questionnaire includes:

  • Do you have inventory in a state from which deliveries are made to customers?
  • Do you make sales to end users (consumers)?
  • Do you attend trade shows/fairs?
  • Do you engage, train or evaluate employees or customers?
  • Do you have any U.S. employees working outside of the U.S.?

If you are interested in our questionnaire, click here to receive it.

GPP offers a wide range of SALT services to meet any of your state and local tax needs, including:

  • Multistate income tax diagnostic review
  • Multistate tax amnesty and voluntary disclosure agreement preparation
  • Multistate taxability matrices preparation
  • Multistate tax minimization strategy development and implementation
  • Multistate corporate restructuring
  • Multistate tax audit management and defense
  • Multistate tax credit and incentive management
  • Multistate sales and use tax review
  • Multistate tax research and issue analysis
  • Multistate personal property tax analysis
  • Multistate tax education and training
  • Texas franchise tax reporting
  • Texas franchise tax audit management and defense
  • Texas franchise tax notice resolution
  • Texas sales tax and use tax audit management and defense
  • Texas sales tax and use tax consulting

For more information about our State and Local Tax (SALT) Services, please fill out the form below, or call 214-635-2498.

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